Beard Stuff 2.0

Hello friends….so much time has passed by! I am in England for work, and a co-worker remarked that he had heard a rumor i had once possessed a blog that showed pictures of me with random things in my Beard.

It took me a minute to remember, but yes. I did.

Let me catch you up on a few highlights since my last post.

  • I had done a post about becoming engaged. Wifed her. Next.
  • Left a job. Bye Ecast.
  • Got a job. Hello CNET.
  • Left a job. Bye CNET.
  • Got a job. Hello Yammer.
  • Went to London for the first time.
  • Went to Australia for the first time.
  • Job got bought. Hello Microsoft
  • Bought a house.
  • Little Buddy came out.
  • Left a job. Bye Yammer/Microsoft.
  • Got a job. Hello Zendesk.
  • Beard became a foot long.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. 

Oh, and im resurrecting this blog. Get ready, friends.

To tie you over, here is a Buddy in my Beard.


One thought on “Beard Stuff 2.0

  1. Letty says:

    You blog!! As if you weren’t awesome enough already, your awesomeness level just went up by a million.

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