Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

322 glow sticks in my Beard. Taken July 3rd, 2013


Beard Stuff 2.0

Hello friends….so much time has passed by! I am in England for work, and a co-worker remarked that he had heard a rumor i had once possessed a blog that showed pictures of me with random things in my Beard.

It took me a minute to remember, but yes. I did.

Let me catch you up on a few highlights since my last post.

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Breast Cancer Auction!

Please donate!

Or, posit this….I have shaved off 89% of this awesome Beard and if you bid and win this sweet Beard, I will donate the proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness. It hits close to home. My mom had quitre the scare with it, and HER mother passed away from it.

Im not one for huge causes, but i contribute whenever I can. I will even take donations.

Though there is no object in my Beard, there is a lot of love and support for the cause.

Please PayPal all donations to The biggest donation after 5 days will win my BEARD. All donations will be contributed to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please give me 6 more months to grow back my awesome Beard for more amazing Beard posts.


After with PRIZE.

brazilian tree frog

He wouldnt tell me his name, but i overheard him on the phone paying his bills and referred to his wife as “Claudia”.

He seems comfortable. At least his snoring says as much.

engagement ring.

She said “Yes.”

Go me!

The Bling in the Beard

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candy cane.

We here at “Stuff in Mick’s Beard Incorporated – A Subsidiary of the Global Diabolical Shitstorm” – wish you a very merry Bearded holiday season from the bottom of our chin.

minty fresh beard.

minty fresh close-up.

$5 shades.


Even Beards gotta look cool.

We aint need no muthafuckin Prada, no Guccis, no Oakleys….

These are straight up the worst glasses ever.

And yet, that Beard looks like he should be selling cigarettes in the detention hall.

Hes that fucking cool.


a gig of ram.

My Beard outperforms most PCs made before 2004. Wait… It destroys everything.


This is what a long, hot day of wine-tasting in Napa Valley does to a man.

video edition – ben’s birthday candle

This week’s video edition was shot on location in sunny tropical Johnstown NY. We celebrated my brother Ben’s birthday the most badass way possible…..

Beer, bourbon and blowing out fire in Beards.

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