Everyone, this is Gertie.

Little Gertrude was born on March 1st and weighs in just around 2 pounds.

We picked her up from the SFSPCA after calling them this morning at about 11am, hearing they had 3 kittens, and MOTORING into the city.

So far, weve noticed 3 things.

1. Her poop stinks, but she knows the litterbox.

2. She will RUN this house.

3. She LOVES playing with and being in my Beard.

And thats good….because you can expect to see alot of Gertie/Beard shenanigans in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Gertie.

  1. Gertie! What a cutie. Can’t wait to meet her.

  2. Lauren says:

    love her…she is my favorite beard accessory yet!

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